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Maddy's Miracle Grant Launch

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

After a long road of planning and behind the scenes work we were so excited to officially launch Maddy's Miracle grant, with our first application cycle going live on March 1, 2021. Our inaugural grant recipient was selected and notified on April 1, 2021, and we are so hopeful that our grant recipients will have a successful IVF treatment and sweet baby as a result. Stay tuned for more updates as we follow their journey to build their family! To find out more about Maddy's Miracle Grant keep reading below!

Maddy’s Miracle Grant was developed to directly assist individuals and families with the financial barriers associated with infertility treatment. In addition to the social stigma that still surrounds infertility diagnosis and treatment, families are far too often further burdened by the cost of treatment options, specifically in vitro fertilization (IVF). Unfortunately, IVF is frequently the only option left for people to grow their family, and they are left with the difficult dilemma of wanting children but not being able to afford the chance to have them. This dilemma led to the birth of The Hadwin Family Foundation (The Foundation) and the creation of Maddy’s Miracle Grant.

Maddy’s Miracle Grant is named after the daughter of our founders, who were fortunate enough to have the means to undergo a successful IVF treatment at the Arizona Center for Fertility Studies (ACFS). Throughout the IVF process and after the birth of their daughter, our founders felt a sense of frustration and guilt that their personal financial situation afforded them the opportunity to overcome the challenges of infertility through IVF, while others are often not as fortunate. This frustration drove them to create their Foundation, and more specifically Maddy’s Miracle Grant, as a way to support growing families facing the financial hardships that come with costly fertility treatments.

Maddy’s Miracle Grant is currently only available to families with financial need who are working with the Arizona Center for Fertility Studies and have been diagnosed with infertility. Additionally, applicants must be legal, permanent residents of Arizona. Grant funds will be paid direct to ACFS and will be restricted to only the standard IVF retrieval and transfer fees for a single cycle as designated by ACFS. Funds cannot be used for treatments already received and will be awarded only for treatment and fees not yet received or incurred.

Funds available for grants depend on the success of fundraising throughout the year by the Foundation. We hope in the future to be able to increase the number of recipients selected and/or services covered. We also hope to be able to expand coverage in the future to include services such as medications, labs, genetic testing and procedural anesthesia, but currently the Foundation does not cover any such services. Since the grant funds will go to the standard IVF retrieval and transfer fee all ACFS patients incur, the grant funds are available not only to patients using their own eggs, but also to those using donor eggs, donor embryos, or gestational carriers. Please note, however, that no ancillary or extra fees associated with such cycles will be covered by a grant award.

Most importantly, to past and future applicants, thank you for applying for Maddy’s Miracle Grant and trusting us to review your application. We know firsthand the toll that infertility takes on a family. Every member on our selection committee has personally dealt with infertility and been through the IVF process. Although all members of our committee have had difficult journeys, we have all been fortunate enough to have had successful IVF treatments with children to show for it. It is our absolute greatest hope that Maddy’s Miracle Grant helps families in their fight against infertility and contributes to the birth of even just one miracle child in the process.

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