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Meet Megan & Brian - Maddy's Miracle Grant Recipients - 2022

Earlier this month we were thrilled to award a loving and deserving couple with Maddy's Miracle Grant! Megan and Brian have built a strong foundation in their relationship and worked hard together to fight through infertility. Through all of the disappointments and trials that infertility brings, they have continued to cling to their shared dream of building their family. This National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW), Megan and Brian have graciously allowed us to share some of the real and raw emotions that often accompany infertility. Below, Megan allows us a glimpse into her feelings surrounding infertility and her enduring hope for their future family.

Infertility has been overwhelming, terrifying, and disheartening. I had always known

there were families that had to work extra hard to grow, I just never thought we would be one of those. Last year was the year we decided to start going in for testing. It had been over a year of actively trying and not a single month with two pink lines. At the same time, we were grieving the path to parenthood we were on, we unexpectedly lost my Dad in April 2021. His absence has made this process more tiring and has exasperated the grief that comes with infertility.

Through all of the anger and frustration, my husband Brian has managed to make me laugh and take care of me. It has given me the smallest glimpse of what kind of father he will be one day. I have so many hopes for our future family. I pray that we will have a child with

grandparents around to spoil and love them. I can't wait to tell our future child all about my Dad and how fiercely I loved him. I hope our future child grows up realizing they can be creative, smart, and respected and I can’t wait for the day we get to tell them how hard we worked to bring them home to us.

Although life hasn’t been going to plan, we are to a point in our fertility journey where I feel like motherhood is slipping through my fingers. IVF is our chance to regain hope again and finally have the family we have both dreamed of for so long. Our heart is there, our love is abundant, and science is on our side. With the help of Maddy’s Miracle Grant, we just might have our own miracle of our own.

~Megan, Maddy's Miracle Grant Recipient

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