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Updated: Apr 6, 2021

A Happy, Smiling, Maddox Hadwin Celebrated Her 1st Birthday Last Week - Image Courtesy Jessica & Adam Hadwin

“Going through what we did to have our daughter left both of us very thankful we had the resources to do IVF and not have to worry about it,” Adam said in an interview with British Columbia Golf from his Scottsdale, Ariz. home.

“We both kind of looked at each other after that and thought that it seems unfair that because we have been successful we would have the ability to have a child of ours and that so many people going through similar things, if not worse, don’t have that ability."

Check out the full article by Brad Ziemer, of British Columbia Golf, here as our founder, Adam Hadwin, discusses the birth of his daughter and the inspiration behind the Hadwin Family Foundation.

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